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Garage Door Remote Control

The best garage door remote control repair in Perth

Ever rushed out of your house, late to work, to find your garage door has stopped working? As one of the most frequently used entrances in your home, when your garage door experiences functionality problems it can be an intensely frustrating experience. Regardless of whether your garage won’t open at all or whether you struggle to operate it regularly, it’s important to fix your remote control problem quickly and easily. If you’re in need of garage remote control replacement, call Residential Garage Doors Perth. We offer a top quality garage door repair service throughout the entire metro area. We offer 24/7 service if required. So don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need to fix your garage remote in Perth.

Common garage door motor problems

We can fix a wide array of garage door issues including when you need to replace your garage door remote control. Here are some reasons why your remote may not be working.

  1. Remote Batteries Are Depleted

Batteries for garage door remotes usually need to be replaced every two years. To test if your battery is the problem try using the control panel that’s mounted on the wall. If the door opens then batteries are likely the problem,

  1. Remote Signal Disrupted

If your door won’t open, even with new batteries, then chances are there may be a disruption between the remote and the transmitter. This could be due to either the antennae being broken or the remote not detecting the door. Either way, give us a call and we’ll inspect your issue and fix whatever the problem is.

  1. Remote Needs Reprogramming

When your remote is used regularly, it can occasionally lose the signal between it and the opener and need to be reassociated.

  1. Door Control Wiring Malfunction

If neither your remote or your wall-mounted panel raise your door you there may be an issue with the control wiring or alternatively, the receiver board.

So if you think you might be in need of   garage remote control replacement contact us and we will come and inspect your system and advise which steps need to be taken, whether they be repairs or replacement.

Garage door remote control brand we supply

If you need a garage remote in Perth we have everything you need with a wide range of remotes that offer the best functionality and compatibility with a whole range of the latest garage doors. Our brands include Jaytech, B&D, Automatic Technology, CSI Classic and Merlin.  We supply a range of quality remotes. They provide smooth and reliable operation while experiencing virtually no interference from wireless devices. We also provide a wide array of accessories, batteries, keypads for all your needs.

Why choose us

At Residential Garage Doors Perth, we provide garage remote control replacement throughout the entire Perth metro area. With us, you know you are getting incomparable service and you can rest easy in the knowledge that when you need a garage door remote replacement we’ll be able to sort you out quickly and efficiently.

 So if you need a replacement garage door remote control and you’re not sure which brand or style is best for you, we offer expert advice to help you. Learn more about all our services by giving us a call or filling out our form online.

How much is a replacement garage door remote?

Replacing your garage remote in Perth can be cheaper than you think. Give us a call on 1800 202 888 or fill out our online form for a quote.

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